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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to Sheffield's most AFFORDABLE Carpet Cleaners I am Checkatrade registered and trade association trained
We believe in giving you the confidence you will be getting a quality service that is the reason we are checked, monitored and vetted by cheackatrade.com.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you are here, you're looking at the one of the Best Carpet Cleaning Companies in Sheffield

Choosing Infinity Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning to carry out Carpet cleaning work in your home will be one of the smartest decision you can make. You can rest assured your carpets will be treated with the utmost respect and left fresh, clean and fully dry within hours of us compleating our work.
Our drying times ensure there is minimal disruption to your home life. We use the latest equipment to ensure your carpets are ready to be walked on when we leave.
We also can use Speed Dryers to guarantee your carpets will be completely dry when we leave, this also removes the dangers of mould growth and carpet shrinkage.

Is stain removal included in your Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Stain removal treatment is included in all our cleaning prices as standard, we don't believe its fair to charge you extra for this. However, we cannot guarantee complete removal of all stains as many factors can affect the removal.

Is the Professional Carpet Cleaner trained?

All carpets are cleaned by myself.
I have undertaken many different training courses over the years to ensure my knowledge is always kept up to date, on top of this I have years of on the job experience.
I use set pricing for our domestic carpet cleaning, should you wish for us to come out and price up your carpet in person I am more than willing to do this.

So what are the advantages of using Infinity Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning over other Carpet Cleaners Near Me?

Fast Drying Times - Your Carpets are fully dried within 1 - 2 Hours NOT DAYS. (We also offer speed dryers for an extra cost)
Powerfully Extraction Machine - Our Ashby Enforcer 14 TIMES More powerful than a RUG DR and leaves them 5 TIMES dryer.
Full Trained - You can rest assured that we know what we are doing with extensive training provided by our trade association the NCCA. Unbelievable Results.

Should i hire a Rug Doctor or Buy a Carpet Cleaner?

Well that is entirely up to you!
But think of the cost of hiring the machine, then buying the chemicals you need to do the job, the time it will take you to collect the machine, clean the carpets, re-deliver the machine etc.
Then there's waiting for the carpets to fully dry. overnight?? the next day??
Is it all worth the hassle? If not give us a call on 07446132633

We offer our carpet cleaning services in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Barnsley, Worksop. If you wish to talk to us about your own carpets cleaning then please contact us